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About Us


Where are we:

Unit E6, Barwell Business Park, Leatherhead Road, Chessington, KT9 2NY

How to find us: Enter the Barwell Business Park through the barriers.  Follow the road right to the end, turn left and continue round until you’re nearly at the exit. We are a massive warehouse (Unit 6) in between Golf Bidder and Aspect Maintenance, just pask Service Graphics.

Our Aim

To provide a professional quality facility, that is serviced by knowledgable professionals that support mental and physical health, to the mainstream market. That’s it.

We started out as a very small business in Epsom, growing purely by word of mouth and building a reputation in the local area of offering quality gym facilities aloing with great atmosphere/community. We pride ourselves on the excellent freelance staff we take on, ensuring a wealth of knowledge, experience and of course personality available to members. Some of these excellent people have now joined our management team, when you meet them you’ll know why and now we’ve got them we’re never letting them go!

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A very brief history

Dave Saunders, the knowledge, started it off back in 2013 with a small studio gym for a client. In Jan 2014, an opportunity came up to set up a proper public gym, so along with  help, everything was put into taking over the premises and buying equipment etc. TRG Fitness Ltd was registered and so TRG Fitness Centre was born.

Unfortunately, TRG Fitness Centre had to leave the Epsom premises in October 2015. It was a little rough round the edges, but had a wonderful warehouse gym charm so all were gutted to move out, however a much better warehouse premises a couple of miles down the road in Chessington South was found – only 4 times the size!

In December 2015, TRG – The Real Gym, Chessington was born. Many of TRG Epsom’s members have followed, as well as the great Personal Trainers – itching to get into the new premises. It is an evolving beast, and now has lots of new equipment, and new processes to build and improve on what was started at Epsom. Blood, sweat and tears have gone into this gym, and not just during the workouts!  🙂

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Why we set up.

Dave has been in the fitness industry for over 16 years as a Personal Trainer and  worked for many high profile chains, as well as being self employed. He has experienced all the mistakes made by high street gyms, such as offering unnecessary services, below-par or the wrong equipment, inexperienced, uneducated staff, a faceless business with no engagement, and lacklustre and demotivating environments. So, as the ultimate ideal gym, TRG was born taking the gym back to basics to do it the right way, to provide what people really want and need to get results in an environment that is productive for gym newbies, Personal Trainers and body builders and athletes. Why shouldn’t an excellent facility be available to everyone?

The difference

A gym with equipment we want and you need. You won’t find cookie cutter type training and nutrition plans. Everything is done so for the individual.

We appreciate that mental and physical health work in unison, so want to provide access to professionals that know their stuff in this area e.g Physio, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Massage, re-hab etc. All things that go hand in hand with training, motivation, commitment, de-stressing, and general “well being”.

Freelance personal trainers and therapists are taken on in the gym based on their experience, results and attitude to ensure only the most committed are available to members. All of them train themselves, and many are involved in so many different areas of sports and fitness, and even compete. They live and breath it.

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We strive to be the best and learn from the best, continually studying and updating our knowledge in the field. We promote and encourage further learning with all who work with us, so we are continually ahead of the game. We will go out of our way to help you achieve your goals because if you fail, we fail and that’s not an option.

We have been approved as an education facility in association with The PT Academy, to provide tutoring and mentoring courses for Personal Trainers. It is part of our goal to ensure Personal Trainers that enter the industry are trained to the best standard with the best work ethic. Personal Training is a lifestyle, not just a job. A large proportion of new Personal Trainers leave the job within 3 months of qualifying: This can be due to thinking it’s an easy ride (It’s not), and that high earnings are instant (they’re not) and that they can get results by doing the same thing for every client (you can’t).  It takes many long hours, very hard work, a continual commitment to personal learning, and living and breathing the job, starting out at the bottom and building your reputation and subsequently your client base.

This is why TRG is different. We’re not here for a quick fix. We’re here for the duration. For longterm change. #Gymrevolution.


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