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Arnold Okiror - Personal Trainer

My name is Arnold Okiror; I have been a certified personal trainer for almost three years. My passion for health and fitness comes from my background in sports which has been a big part of my life from a young age especially football.


My methods of training vary and are individual-specific. I utilise a lot of functional training techniques which I find work very well for many of my clients. Functional training is based around normal day to day movements, but it is also specific to sports or work related movements. It helps provide and improve strength, power, stability, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

Functional training is useful when pursuing weight loss, hypertrophy (muscle building), muscle toning or and keeping fit goals to help you achieve your desired body shape and or good health.

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Physical exercise accounts for 20% of a person’s goals while 80% is ‘down’ to nutrition, to which I as your trainer would help you, with suggestions on; nutrition plans and detoxing the body to be able to handle the tough but satisfying training you will perform. Therefore, change in lifestyle will also be an important component that you and I (your trainer), will concentrate on.

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