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James Blumson - TRG General Manager, Personal Trainer

The TRG Go-To Guy

I have been passionate about fitness and the human body since a very young age. I have been involved in many sports, martial arts and movements such as Trampolining at Surrey level, Boxing, Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Free Running (Parkour) and Football. I enjoy incorporating lots of these sports into my personal training sessions and I have found these skills not only help my clients reach their goals but also keep the session plans enjoyable and innovative.

After being given the opportunity to work for virgin active in 2011 as a fit coach I was very eager to progress and after just 6 months I had attained my CYQ level 3 qualification and was given the opportunity to start personal training. I have been doing personal training for 4 years now and have worked with and learned from various strength and conditioning coaches and aesthetics athletes.

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I joined the team at TRG fitness centre over a year ago, and have found them all to be friendly and inspiring. I enjoy helping my clients to reach their goals and use various training and diet techniques to achieve the best results possible.

I worked with Chris Jeeves in 2014 at TRG and we did a 12 week body transformation, split into three stages. Aiming to increase muscle mass, improve strength, and reduce body fat. We trained 4-6 times a week and worked on diet around his busy work schedule. By the end of the 12 weeks his body weight had increased by over 2 kilograms and his body fat had significantly dropped. We were both delighted with his results.

I look forward to working with new clients and helping them to overcome their weaknesses and achieve their fitness goals.



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