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James Danderson – D.O.B F1tness - Personal Trainer

James Danderson – D.O.BF1tness
Bubbly, outgoing personality whilst putting clients at ease. Helping to empower getting the very best out of clients on their journey to a healthier life.
I have always lived for fitness and health in my own life, and have now channelled this passion into qualifying as a personal trainer. Through D.O.BF1tness I am able to use my training, combined with my own experiences, to provide an all-round fitness service designed to keep you motivated and achieve results.
It is important to know that I am dedicated and here for my clients. I provide guidance on reaching set goals and getting results, giving my clients the knowledge, motivation and determination to train with the belief that they can truly succeed.
My aim is to create a programme for my clients that will focus on health, fitness and wellbeing. I make sure I set a clear direction and achievable goals for each individual. This helps build confidence by enabling clients to see their progress during their journey with me.
With attention on correcting and improving exercise techniques and posture alignment, I help maximise performance whilst offering encouragement and motivation.
Most importantly, my ultimate aim is to make each experience not just challenging and effective, but also beneficial and enjoyable.
• Level 3 Personal Trainer
• Fat Loss
• Gym classes
• Bootcamps
• Health Wellness Coach

24 hour access, 365 days a year

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