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Jon Gomez - TRG Gym Manager, Personal Trainer

My name is Jonathan Gomez Alexandra; you can check me out and keep updated with me on social media:  facebook.

YouTube channel coming soon.

Specialising mainly in performance, I have worked with several athletes from ironman, to rock climbers to football players; helping to increase their performance for a specific sport.

I work on developing good structured personal plans and alongside the gym, I also work in the kitchen in my spare time creating tasty meals that will satisfy your taste buds!

Nutrition for me has been a big part of my lifestyle due to the love of food; I create professional meal plans for those looking for fat loss, building muscle, performance based meals..etc.

In terms of my own sports, boxing and athletics have taken me to the USA and Europe exploring the best training methods and mixing in with world class athletes. This has given me discipline in sports and structure in my life.



Email: Gomez@gperformance.org

Phone: 07772 972424

Facebook: GperformanceUK

Instagram Gomez_Performance 


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