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Justine Dickinson - Director, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

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I am a qualified integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist working in Stoneleigh/Epsom, Surrey and am very interested in Neuro science and how hypnotherapy works. This knowledge combined with my practice works as I believe by using hypnotherapy you can change any behaviour you wish. Nail-biting, anger reactions, smoking, food addictions without cravings and side affects!

I have had fabulous results using weight reduction hypnotherapy, addressing the various aspects to weight reduction. I like to look at your history with food, your emotional connection to food and your food habits. I am a Hypnoslimmer consultant and please refer to www.hypnoslimmer.co.uk for more in depth details.

My environment is safe, discreet and confidential for you in my private practice in Stoneleigh, and now at TRG – The Real Gym.

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I have helped many people to overcome their fears and phobia’s, giving them the support to take the first steps into the unknown with the tools to help them on their way.

In this ever increasing stressful world we live in, we are spending less and less time relaxing or taking any time for ourselves and some people need to reattain that balance. During the process I alert the client towards awareness so they can spot the signs in the future before suffering the effects of stress again.

I like to focus on the issues and help clients find the solution they need to get their lives back on track. Hypnotherapy fits well with my way of working, when the client is ready, the required change happens quickly. Clients play an active role in the process and I expect the client to incorporate the learning into their lives to see real benefit.

When treating clients I combine my expertise as a counsellor, solution focused therapist and hypnotherapist with a wide range of experiences gained through working with young people and families helping them address their social, personal and emotional issues.

My approach is always honest, warm and genuine. My ethos is positive, encouraging and motivating.

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