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Krystal Newbury - Fitness Model Competitor

So, after triathlons, London marathon, cycling to Paris twice and 100 mile bike ride over the South Downs I wanted to try something different.

Have a new goal, new challenge, keep the gym and fitness interesting. I started to lift weights and found a buzz I hadn’t experienced before.
A friend of mine asked if I had thought about competing, knowing my love for challenges and hitting goals, and I hadn’t. Had no idea about it or what it entailed. I got in contact with the FittSisters and my journey to Miami Pro began.

The more I saw the changes in myself not just physically but mentally the more I thrived, the harder I pushed and the more determined I was to be the best I could be. It came at a time in my life I needed a focus, and focused I was! I was in competition with myself and no one else. I was inspired by watching the dedication of people in the gym to achieve their goals and I was hungry.

                 Krystal stage


Food plays a massive part in my life, I love it, I eat clean which enables me to eat volume which goes hand in hand with training. Why train hard and then unravel it with eating rubbish?I make all my food from scratch, it takes time but it’s worth it to feel full in my belly and energised. I keep my food interesting and flavoursome and eating this way is a lifestyle choice, it’s not a fad or a diet. Comp prep need not be boring. I look forward to each meal, it’s not just fuel to me.
TRG has been my sanctuary, the place I feel normal, the buzz, the people and the support. It’s an amazing place to train and people just get it and get you and above all push you! Be the best you can be! By day I work in an office, by night the gym is my playground!

One thing I have learnt on my journey is not to be judgemental of others, don’t judge a book by its cover, get to know the person behind the exterior, there is certainly more to me than a gym addict. Can’t thank Dave and Ange enough for their sponsorship and to be apart of an amazing gym, one I am proud of!

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