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Michael Sterne - TRG Personal Training Manager, Personal Trainer

Specialist Areas: Strength & Performance | Plyometric Training | Weight Management & Fat Loss

With years of experience and a strong background in sports science and nutrition, I’m passionate about what I do and this is reflected in the way I train. My enthusiasm, patience and commitment enables me to provide realistic targets within achievable timeframes. Set on getting results I’m willing to go that extra mile to ensure you achieve your goals.

I’m confident in my versatile training methods. Using a unique athletic approach towards your training you will benefit the most out of our personal training sessions regardless of your level of fitness. I specialise in performance targets; from general fitness (fat loss) to body specific strength and conditioning (speed and agility training). I’ve trained a number of individuals from marathon runners to professional football players and I excel when I can align myself to a specific sport or event, so this is why I feel setting you accurate and specific goals is imperative.

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There is no need to be nervous or anxious as there is nothing to be scared of. When it comes to training, you can take things at your preferred pace or get thrown in the deep end…the choice is yours. Just don’t give up before you’ve even got started!


Mike has been promoted to take on the responsibility of recruiting and managing all freelance Personal Trainers at TRG. His dedication, ability, commitment and overall approach to work and TRG means it was no question who should take on this role.

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