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Baby Friendly Classes

Join our growing group of mums in our Baby-Friendly classes!

As mums ourselves who run TRG, we know the struggle of managing to exercise and lose the baby weight, with a small baby in tow at all times, and perhaps with limited budget available. We have created some TRG Baby-friendly classes to make exercising for mums as accessible as possible!


To book onto a class, simply use the TRG Member App, or if you’d prefer, simply contact us.

BOX FIT: Shadow boxing and hitting pads for calorie/fat burning and stress relief.

MUMMY-FIT HIIT: A HIIT style sweat-inducing class with body weight exercises to shed fat and increase fitness.

TRG RIP HIIT: Weights and HIIT based class to build strength and burn calories.

SPIN: A progressive cycle based intense cardio workout to burn maximum calories.

MOBILITY YOGA: A core strength and stretch class.

BODY PUMP: A Les Mills class using weights to music. Read more.

Our classes are just £5 per person Pay-As-You-Go or are completely inclusive in our standard full gym membership (works out £10 per week)

Looking for a more effective personal plan to lose your baby weight? We offer help with nutrition plans and training plans to use your precious time as effectively as possible to make fat loss more efficient. Just ask us for more details.

If you’d like any further information on our classes or membership options please contact us.

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