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How our members love us!

“I started this gym not long ago, I’m absolutely loving it, its like no other gym I’ve been to. The staff are so friendly and the equipment is insane! I’ve had members of staff helping me and giving me advice when they’ve seen me using the equipment or doing the exercise wrong. The atmosphere is always buzzing in the gym with the loud music and it’s never too busy to use the equipment, even in peak times! It’s so good I even recommended a friend of mine to join TRG which he did and I will keep doing so in the future especially now they have a bar for all sort of protein shakes and pre-workouts, creatine, etc for when you forget your protein shake at home 🍹🍧👌🏽.” J. Lopez. TRG Member
“No matter when you go there everybody is working ridiculously hard. From bodybuilders, power lifters, strongmen, crossfitters, training for sport or just trying to lose weight everyone in there respects each other and nobody is ever coasting!! Equipment is second to none and the atmosphere adds KGs to your lifts!!” R. Haggers, TRG Member
“Original member from Ewell to chessington, and its got the same buzz about the place…. Great gym, great staff and even better equipment.” L. Smyth, TRG Member
“Best equipped gym in the local area, 24/7, good people, good music and has that warehouse feel.” T. Crossley, TRG member
 “TRG is the BEST gym by far! No matter how big or small you are or your goals you are welcome and supported. Advice is on tap and all the staff are fantastic! Big fan!.” J. Standish, TRG Member
“Bullshit eliminated. Awesome.” M. Sewell, TRG Member
“TRG have started from a small time gym into the future of gyms. The facilities are amazing for the money, not forgetting the welcoming staff that help everyone that walk though the door no matter what your goals are. I think everyone at the club sees the bigger picture and knows this is only the start for this future franchise. The real gym is the real deal.” C. Kelly, TRG Member
“I visited the Gym to check it out for myself. I was approached by a Personal Trainer who welcomed me and was very polite and professional. Looking at the surrounds, I noticed the equipment was the latest and a mass of it. What a GYM. This is Class!!! Cannot wait to get fit and to mingle with the helpful individuals. Its not Vanity, Just people who respect themselves. A Must for anyone wanting to get great results. Airy and Clean too!!!! Bonus.” G. Spencer, TRG Member

“Been at the gym since it opened. 6ft3, 18st and for my size I lift embarrassingly light weights. Not once have I felt uncomfortable or like people are watching or judging. In fact it’s been rather the opposite. TRG is not a beach gym or a meat head gym. It’s a gym for people who want to train without judgement.  Come in, train hard, feel good, leave. No frills, no unnecessary add ons; a real peoples gym.” Sean Cameron, TRG Member

“Although I stopped being a member of the gym when I moved to New York back in March – I just wanted to wish you and the team all the very best – yours was one of the best gyms in the area and the 24hr opening times were brilliant.  I’ll be back in the UK in 18 months and will definitely be looking out for your new gym.” Greg Owens, TRG Member

“I have been a gym user for over 25 years now and with you for over a year and TRG has been for me the best in the Epsom area by far. It fills the gap that modern day commercial high street gyms don’t seem to want to go down. It is great to hear you are seeking new premises. I for one would be very keen to continue with you. Please keep me in the loop over the new gym and when you plan to open etc.” R Greenwood, TRG Member

“I’ve only been going to TRG for 6 months, but after moving from gym to gym around Surrey, I can honestly say TRG is without doubt the best! From day one I’ve felt at home, and your training facilities are the best about! I truly hope you find a relocation in the area soon, as I can’t bare the thought of going to a ‘normal’ gym!!! S Jardine, TRG Member


“TRG Fitness Centre is by far the best strength and conditioning gym in the area. They offer high quality equipment, individual assessments and biosignature readings specifically designed to meet my strength and conditioning needs. All this combined with nutritional advice and training programs has allowed me to lose fat whilst making lean muscle gains. The gym has a great atmosphere with trainers on hand for any help and advice you need or just that extra bit of encouragement that gets your final rep done.” M Tomlin, TRG member

“I have been training with Dave for almost 2 years now and this is testament to the results that I continue seeing. Dave is always researching information on my behalf and finding new ways to help me achieve better results. Whilst I have continued to see results in my fitness, strength, weight and toning, what I hadn’t expected is how much I would be educated along the way. I feel confident and motivated in working out by myself for several sessions during the week but my weekly meet up with Dave always keeps me on my toes!” A Rai, TRG member


“Since the first gym session 10 weeks ago I’ve gone from a size 16 to a 10/12 – something I never thought possible.” J Matthews, TRG member

“Never crowded, great equipment and quiet. Perfect place to train!” A Smajic, TRG member


“Fantastic gym, helped me boost my confidence. Been to lots of gyms previously but found this one to be by far the best. Fantastic trainers aswell.” K Dow, TRG member

“Being a gym virgin I was very nervous to begin with. I was instantly put at ease by the staff and trainers. I’m now 7 months in and my self-confidence has been transformed. I am now getting the physique I could only have dreamed of. I enjoy coming to the gym, it’s a clean, friendly and enjoyable environment to be training.” N Harding, TRG member

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