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Powerlifting Partners at TRG

We see them train, nearly every day. They often turn heads with the mammoth weight they manage to lift, offer the odd grunt here and there, and are two of our friendliest members at The Real Gym in Chessington, residents, if you will, and Powerlifting partners. Chances are if you train in the daytime you’ve come across them at some point.

In 12 weeks time, on 3rd September 2017, Paul and Andy, will be competing again at the WPC British Championship. They both competed a year ago and are the current WPC Open & Master 3 Champions, and are training hard to compete again to keep their crowns.

In a competitive world of powerlifting, if they can achieve their goal, they will will be off to compete in Moscow, Russia for the World Championship in November!

They clearly love what they do, and it shines through in their commitment to training, and the success in competition that it leads to. We wish them huge success and will continue to brighten their TRG visits with encouraging chat!


Follow Paul Weller on Instagram  @ironroadking123

Follow Andy Pearson on Instagram @AndyPowerhouse

If you have a competition success story, competition coming up or training goals you’d like to share, get in touch on enquiries@trgfitness.co.uk for a shout out!

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