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The Real Boss – Get on a Pole!

Why did I try Pole?

So prior to about 5 years ago, I saw Pole as a sexy, but sordid activity that was exclusively kept for the strippers, and maybe low self esteem folk of this world. I was definitely way better than that. I’d never do something like THAT.

Well, I got older, more mature, had higher self esteem and cared more about what I was doing than what others chose to do, and lost the attitude and judgement. I noticed more and more Pole videos appearing online, with girls with great bodies, doing amazing things on a Pole – no lingerie or stilettos in sight and decided I’d love to try it. So… in true ‘I’ll do it one day’ style, a few years went by and still did nothing about it.

Then, in January 2015, 6 months after having my son, trying to run a business and going through an awful time personally in which my self esteem hit rock bottom, I knew I needed something to put a rocket up my arse to get myself back to awesome again. I’m super independent and knew I had to make a change, for myself, and thought about various things I could do and once again stumbled across Pole. And I thought ‘FUCK IT‘ why not.

I didn’t tell anyone. No-one. Not my family, not my husband, or my friends. Most people go along to this kind of thing with a friend – I mean, if you’re going to look like an elephant on a stick you might as well force your friend to experience it too so you can laugh about it.

I chose to do this for me, to face the fear, not only of not knowing anyone, but trying something new just for me. I wanted to feel confident, strong, sexy and all round better, as well as having a cool hobbie. I even lied about where I was going – yoga I told people. I wasn’t embarrassed about it, I just didn’t want to explain or justify, or describe or show (which people inevitably ask).

Well, I booked in for a course of 6 weeks with The Pole Studio. I remember the first session – 4 other girls (2 sets of 2 friends!), all MUCH younger than me (I was about to turn 32), all various shapes and sizes… gathered at the door nervously excited and wary about what to expect.



Michelle was really friendly which broke the ice and gave us some amazing displays of what is possible etc, and I’m sure the other girls, like me, thought ‘yes I’ll do that soon!’!

Now, in your head, you imagine yourself gracefully gliding around the Pole, seductively, effortlessly, looking awesome. I tell you now. YOU ARE NOT. Apart from anything else you’re in small shorts – which if you’re not used to it can be daunting in itself. Let’s not forget I was 6 months in from giving birth – Thank F there were no mirrors. (And don’t worry, not a high heel in sight).
The first 15 minutes = Clumsy, heavy, awkward, sweaty, tiring, rub marks, laughter, embarrassment, more laughter….

And then, after trying again, you slowly start to feel like you’re getting it, and you’re less clumsy, less awkward and it flows better piecing together the choreography…

You realise how weak you are at even body weight lifts – I hadn’t been in the gym for almost 18 months prior to that, and trained very little even before. And this was just the first lesson! But again, with technique and practice it got easier.

A whole hour later, I was sweaty, parts of me were red, I was tired and ached, but I bloody loved it! I mean, I felt truly awesome afterwards. Not only was it a good hard workout, I laughed a lot, felt good that I’d managed to get bits right and wanted to do more to see improvement. I felt challenged.

Ange profile pic

I went on to do it for 5 months getting to level 3. Got to go upside down and do some really cool stuff (although still so much to try). I lost weight, I got so much stronger and felt like a different person! I’m gutted I stopped, due to work and family commitments but was convinced I wanted Pole to be part of our Real Gym in the future as I knew what huge benefits it can have both mentally and physically.


So, before you cast the idea aside, consider why it might be good to try, for you. It might just be for shits and giggles, you might want to lose weight, get stronger, get a hobbie, need some you time, or friend time, you might want or need more confidence, want to feel sexy, face a fear, rebel against a negative judger or just want to tick a ‘I’ve tried it’ box.

Whatever the reason, I dare you to try. I did, and now i can’t wait to get back to it and encourage others to do the same. I’m a lot further along in my normal gym training than I was in 2015, and so much stronger and leaner, so know I’ll be even better this time round. But everyone has to start somewhere.

I’ve not met anyone that wasn’t glad they tried it. #Daretotry.

October 2016 – new poles arrived at the gym. Had a go to see what I’d remembered!




For more information on taster sessions, or to book a course at TRG, Chessington, get in contact with Michelle on michelle@thepolestudio.co.uk or via the website Www.thepolestudio.co.uk

6 week course: £60 for TRG members

6 week course: £100 for non-members




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