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The Real Boss – It’s not written in the cards

So, it’s Halloween, and I did something unusual last night thanks to a friend. I was invited to a Psychic dinner, and I thought ‘F*ck it, why not’. I’ll try most things once, tick a box. It keeps me young. A lot of old mumbo jumbo, I hear you cry. This is not a post about how amazing psychics are, don’t panic, more a revelation of a new thought process. And now is the time to share.

Now, I have a somewhat cynical stance when it comes to these things, but remained fairly open minded. Shut down the logical, science side of the brain, Ange, and roll with it. I’ve had a fair amount happen in my life this year, and so took the offer of having my Tarot Cards read. Wtf not. ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’. While I wont divulge the details, I was genuinely surprised at what was revealed, and how a complete stranger can sum me up so accurately. Perhaps better than I really see myself.

As a gym owner, a woman, a mum, a friend, a boss, a business partner and no doubt other things, I have a multitude of stresses, emotional turmoils and highs/lows on a daily basis. #exhausting. As I’m sure many people experience. When one area goes right, inevitably something else doesn’t. And when you feel you’re getting on a level playing field, something else happens and you fall down again.


However, life is too short to not push on. It’s too precious to sit back and allow it to swallow you up, so you suck it up and continue. It’s times like this you evaluate your support network, the affect and influence certain people have on you and your decisions, and sometimes you find what you need in people you didn’t expect to, even though they may not know it, or don’t believe it. Don’t let them go.

I think of life as a river, with the normal everyday stuff as the happy current along the surface moving without much effort. Then slight blips are the meanders to twist and put you slightly off course. Then, other areas feel like a continual undercurrent, churning you around not knowing where you’re at or where you stand. Then it happens, you go over a cliff as a waterfall, when it comes crashing down. After a time, you eventually find yourself moving to the surface of the peaceful pool at the bottom, with new currents ready to take you forward. Wow – I’ve just amazed myself at how weird yet apt that analogy is. I’m not a hippy, I promise.

Many people disassociate the mind and the body. As if your brain and it’s health works independently from the physical being, and your body’s health is a separate entity. We find it really easy to focus on the body as we see symptoms, we can treat it, we can change it, and see results. But, we somehow treat the mind differently. And yet, the mind determines every…little…thing. I know, when my mind is all over the place, I go nowhere. Mentally or physically. That’s my waterfall. It takes a while to give myself a slap and reach the peaceful pool, but when I do….

I’m a true believer in writing things down. It’s a form of therapy. It clears the mind. And clarity leads to good decisions and therefore progress. Be it business, personal relationships, training or anything else…

I’m not saying I’m convinced on my psychic experience by any stretch, however what it did offer was a reflection on my past, present and future situations. It made me think about what I have, what I want, what I can have (and what I can’t) but most of all, that it’s all up to me. No one else. I’m in control. I can decide how to make progress and change, or not. And although my story may not develop exactly as I picture, it’s my responsibility to adapt and change what my story looks like if necessary and take it in a new direction, and then hope. Always learning and developing and reaching for new things.


I’m not going to pretend I even slightly have it figured out, or know what the hell I’m doing, all I know is if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  Tarot may not be the “all seeing eye”, but it has certainly made me want to re-focus…on me. I love me (I wouldn’t wish to be anyone else) it’s just easy to forget it sometimes. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve done, I’ve got a lot of shit I want to try, and to achieve, progress to make and people to surround myself with.

Ask yourself what makes you happy about being you. It’s not an easy question.
Ask yourself what your story looks like, and if you need to change it.
Ask yourself how you are going to get where you want to be.
Ask yourself who is going to get you there, and support you.
That’s the real challenge.

Go get happiness; whatever that looks like, for you.


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