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This sh*t just got real – Day 49

So, I got told off today by the lovely Maggie today for not updating my blog. (Thank you for the kick up the arse). I’ve been so busy, working and training, mentally and physically tired so I simply lost the will a bit to then sit at a computer. Had a few weekends away for kids birthdays – not a holiday however when running around after a 2 year old constantly.

In a nutshell, I’ve still been lazy doing cardio (I just hate it so much), but doing bits when I feel a hint of motivation, and have been doing my weight sessions as required. My program has changed so my volume has increased which basically means more exercises, more reps, more sweat, more pain… just generally…more. It sucks.

I realised in the last 2 weeks that this training lark is just not my bag. Some people LOVE it. I do, but only to the extent of doing it a few times a week and plodding along, but this is just something else. I talk to some others around the gym who are also prepping for various competitions and I am at least thankful that I can understand and empathise with what they are going through, exactly the reason I decided to give this a go in the first place. To put myself in their shoes. I didn’t really know how uncomfortable those shoes were! Give me sky high stilettos any day!

There is only 6 weeks to go until this competition and I think I will be dragged there kicking and screaming… but I’ll do it, because like a bad movie if I start I must finish. One we go!

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