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This sh*t just got real – Day 62

So, I’m 2 months in of prep. I have 4 weeks to go until comp. At the beginning I thought ‘This sh*t just got real’, however now ‘This sh*t is about to get so real I might just crawl up into a little ball and cry every day’. Ok, so I’m probably being melodramatic, but you know how I hate cardio and I don’t really do it as I should alongside my weight training? Well, I’ve come to realise that it probably would have prepared me for the onslaught of pain I’m about to feel in the next few weeks.

As it goes I’m super impressed and proud that I’ve managed to go from 26% sub body fat in Jan, down to 20% in late April (4 months) when full prep began and now down to 14% (after 2 months) almost exclusively by weight training. That’s what you get for great programs and nutrition advice from those in the know, not mentioning any names (*cough* Dave and James *cough*), and encouragement from everyone in the gym, and those who have trained with me!  God I’m glad the people and atmosphere in our gym are so supportive and awesome! TRG I salute you. 💪🏻


Comp or not, if I stopped now I’d be happy as I’ve never been in better shape! But I won’t stop. 4 weeks to go until Pure Elite and I’m going to finish what I started – plus I couldn’t face the grief I’d get from certain people (ahem) for being a quitter/lame arse/failure or all of the above. I’ll get on stage in a ridiculously small spangley bikini with porn style shoes and fake tan and hair to show how far I’ve come, regardless of how I fair against others. I’m going to be in a category with lots of other girls, including my own TRG ladies all who have worked so hard and have literally transformed before my eyes – I’ve seen the skin fold measurement taken (and heard the whinging – oh the f-ing whinging 😂) and know how far we’ve all come in such a short time. All have a different view about competition, achieving and reasons for doing it. I happen to take the view of the below, technically the opposite of ‘competition’ but give a f*ck.:


No, don’t worry, I’m not about to turn into one of those uber inspiring social media motivators. I don’t have the time or the inclination, but a quote worth remembering.

So what’s ahead – My nutrition is about to change. My training programs are about to change. Most importantly my body is about to change…again.

In a week or so’s time I’ll be seeing my abs finally, behind schedule (my lazy arse fault), and focussing on getting my butt cheeks tighter and legs a bit leaner. So expect to see me walking like an old lady.

Am also currently working with our great people who train and work with us at TRG for the bits and pieces:  Bikini is in progress with Georgia Rose and she’ll be doing my event make up.  Had our first posing session with the wonderful kelly of which we’ll be practicing and will have helk with my hair from fellow competitor/receptionist/hairdresser Zoe. That’s what you call F-ing teamwork! Love getting help from small businesses, especially locals!

And perhaps more scary than a comp, in 3 weeks time we have a photo shoot with our lovely in-house photographer Jamie Bellhouse. More scary because that sh*t is not a fleeting 5 mins on stage to be forgotten – it’s photos – proof – hard evidence!

Best get my arse back to the gym!



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