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This sh*t just got real – Day 76

Arrggghh… 2 weeks and 1 day to go. I have been training EVERY day, cardio some days (tut tut), and eating (almost) what I’m supposed to (I had a cheeky small cake when my monthly hormones reared their ugly head – sue me). I’ve had extra lean days, and like the last few days, some water retention bloated ones. Just got to remember it’s water and not fat!


The food plan consists of lean meats or fish with green veg, with some fats thrown in, and then a couple of days with some wrap or sweet potato carbs. A fairly limited list of food, and I am TOTALLY over it, however bareable, and it has made me continually think about and look forward to the first meal after! It will be worth the wait. Plus the wonderful Paolo has offered to make me his amazing Tiramisu – my favourite dessert by miles! Hand me the serving spoon!


We’ve had another posing practice, and have another session this afternoon in a proper mirrored studio. Easier than prancing around in front of the gym mirrors a) there’s no equipment in the way and b) you don’t look like a knob. I thought working out was hard work. Trying to stand in heels, with every muscle contracted, holding pose after pose, and all while trying to smile so you don’t look constipated is really freakin tough. Hot, sweaty, achey. I’m beginning to understand why you do these comps in such little clothing! To prepare a bit more, we’re now being forced to train in sports bras too!

posing 1 Crop

So in the last couple of weeks, aside from the training, it’s been so wonderfully and stereotypically girly. Not going to lie, working in a male dominated environment, living in trainers and gym kit (and sweat) it is quite nice to girl it up. I found myself self tanning so I looked the colour of mud – if you’ve met me you’ll know how pasty I am…all the time. Wearing my stage heels around the office to practice, painted my nails…this is just the beginning. You think these shows are just about how good your body is…NOOOOOO. WRRROOOONG.  These comps are also about the the tan, the hair, the face, the bling, the posing, the presence. We’re almost one “World Peace” away from a Miss World. Do we get a crown as a prize? Exhausting!


We have a photo shoot with the lovely Jamie Bellhouse next weekend, so doing everything a week in advance of the show: hair dyed, lashes topped up, spray tan, outfits, nails, having make up done… Luckily we know lots of people who are awesome at the above.

One of the most crucial elements of the process so far, is the bikini. The lovely Georgia Rose brought in our bottoms last night to try on. Wow, they are small. Not ” I’m going to lie on a beach so I’ll fit in” small. I mean seriously tiny. To say there is not much left to the imagination is an understatement. But then I guess whats the point of working so hard on your body and tanning it up just to cover it! As it goes, it felt amazing putting them on a strutting in heels, actually seeing a bit closer to what I will on the day.

So, if you see me around the gym looking a bit dirty, with make up on, in smaller and smaller clothes, be reassured it’s completely on purpose. I’ve changed.

Just a quick thank you to all the kind words of support and encouragement I get when in the gym. Feel blessed to have such good people around, even those who I don’t really know,  to share the experience with!




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