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This sh*t just got real – Day 87

So, it’s 4 days until the competition. It’s been a hard slog up until this point, but as hard as it’s been, I’ve enjoyed it. James said to me early on, “If you’re not going to enjoy it then what’s the point” and he’s right. People keep asking me how I’m feeling about the comp and I’m actually feeling alright. I’m pretty happy, have enjoyed the process and am fairly chilled out about it, and apart from anything else my body has come a looooooong way from what it was!

It’s all thanks James Blumsom who wrote my early programs, and to my prep coach Dave Saunders who has written all my programs and nutrition plans to get me to how I am now, along with the nagging. And of course my awesome gym TRG – The Real Gym, Chessington.  I also couldn’t have done it without the wonderful support of friends both in and out of the gym. I literally wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise. Oh, and thanks to myself for putting in the effort!

Here’s January to early July:

Ange Progress pics

In the last few weeks it’s all been about fine tuning and posing. What I have come to realise is that one butt cheek hangs a bit lower than the other, with an additional crease which means i have thrashed the shit out of my glute and Hamstring training. Now, you may think this is a minor detail, but when you’re in the middle of a stage with your back to an audience slightly bent over with your behind on full show, with little miss perfect arse next to you (inevitable) it is a big deal! Apart from that i’ve been fairly happy with the rest.

I’m under no disillusion I may not be as good as many of the other girls, but I think I’ll be able to hold my own. It’s my first time, and I’m going to freakin enjoy it regardless.

So this brings me to “Peak Week” as “they” call it. The week before the comp where diet changes, water changes, basically you do everything you can to get as lean and water free as possible before the big day. This has posed a real problem for me.

 Water  Cycling

Ordinarily, I only drink about 0.5 – 1 litre of water a day, and tonne of coffee. So far this week i’ve been on 6 litres of water a day. FOR ME, THIS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. Not only do you feel unbelievably bloated and full, it makes you not want to eat, and you pee every 5 minutes. It is just soooo hard chugging that much water. Some find it sooo easy, but I’m just never thirsty unless I’m training.

On top of this, I’ve finally caved with just 1 week to go. I’m doing cardio. I got on a Watt bike for a whopping 30 minutes yesterday. I only lasted this long by putting a folded up towel under my arse as a cushion, because MAN ALIVE it is uncomfortable. I’ve never liked bikes. That’s why. How men cope with it I don’t know, when it feels like it’s practically inserting itself! As it goes, the actual riding wasn’t half as bad as I was expecting. If they could just invent a seat that is super comfy me and cardio will get along. It did highlight the fact I have more, what Ben calls, “thwobble” (thigh wobble if you didn’t know) on my left leg than my right but I’m not cycling on stage so I’m over it!

And so we come to 4 days to go. Full body sweaty workouts, lots of posing practice (Thanks to Kelly Fittsister for the 1-2-1 session! Massive help), and lots and lots and lots and lots of water. Then some more water.

Have tried on my stunning bling bikini handmade by the lovely Georgia Rose Bikini and fits like a dream, so can now start posing practice in it! It looks good now so after the final stage of water loss should look even better!

I’m glad I’ve gone through this. I now understand the ups, the downs, the mental, the physical, the emotional and anything else. Have I got a bug for it? I may just have. All I do know is I’m never going back to what I was! I have spent the last 20 years wearing clothes that avoid muffin top. I now don’t have any hint of a muffin top and can wear what I like. A lifetime of anguish eliminated in a matter of months. Why didn’t I do this years ago! And trust me, if I can, ANYONE can! If you want some support, get in touch!

Roll on Sunday.


Bikini bikini 2


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