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I began wearing lashes to avoid having to put mascara on my light blonde lashes every day once my son was born, and I’ve never looked back. No more clumping, smudging or panda eyes, just lovely lashes from the minute I wake up.

Having classic lash extensions is the application of individual synthetic long dark lashes applied to each natural lash using a special glue. Lashes then extend with your natural lash growth, and subsequently fall out when your natural lashes fall out. I use Mink lashes which are light enough to not weigh down or damage your natural lashes. Typically, around 50% of lashes will fall out after 2-3 weeks, depending on your natural lash growth. At this point, newer natural lashes have grown through to which new additional lash extensions are applied during a “top up” session, giving you 100% full lashes again.

Choose from a natural look, or more dramatic lashes for an occasion… they last weeks, require little maintenance and are perfect for every day, holidays, weddings or nights out.  Having had them so long myself, I know how they should look and feel and am a perfectionist so if you’re new to lashes or not, you won’t be disappointed.

I am fully insured, and have my own treatment room based at The Real Gym, in Chessington, where there is free parking.

What to expect:
My clients arrive with clean lashes (no make up please!), the eye area prepared with cooling aloe vera under eye pads for super comfort, eyes are then closed and lashes are applied – a full set take on average 1 hour 15/30 minutes. Please allow additional time if you have above average amount of lashes! I don’t charge extra if it takes long…I keep going until they are all filled! During this time I have clients fall asleep (absolutely fine!) or chat away the whole time …I’ve been told it’s like girl therapy!

Clients having a new full set will be provided with a lash brush to take away for maintenance – if needed, simply gently comb lashes in the morning to align and you’re ready to go!

Rule 101: Don’t get your new lashes wet within 24-48 hours after application to ensure complete glue drying. This includes saunas or getting very sweaty! So make sure you wash your hair beforehand! Thereafter, try to avoid getting wet, although it will not harm them or make them fall out, simply gently dab dry – don’t rub.

The kinder you are to your lashes, the longer they will last!

Coming up to Summer appointments go fast, so for more information or to book an appointment please contact Ange at the earliest convenience on:

T: 07826 658 216

E: enquiries@aslashes.co.uk





  Wendy Hall reviewed A.S Lashes – 5 star

15 August at 19:46

Very professional service! From start to finish! Highly recommend to try these lashes by Angela!


 Elena Parker reviewed A.S Lashes – 5 star

15 August at 18:17

Amazing lashes every time! Ange is very professional and such a perfectionist



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