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TEAM TRG is made up of a number of Personal Trainers, each with their own unique personality, training style, disciplines and speciality, so there’s definitely someone here that can help focus on your goals. We educate on exercising, nutrition and changing lifestyle, we don’t just train. It’s about changing lifestyle, and everyone who walks through the door is treated as their own person, you won’t find the cookie cutter type training and nutrition plans here. Everything we produce is done so for the individual and by people genuinely good at what they do, and who strive to keep educating themselves on latest techniques, so they can educate you.

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Personal training is a term that needs to be rethought. What you are really looking at is a complete lifestyle overhaul. Your diet can be absolutely perfect (it rarely is) but poor exercise, stress, lack of sleep and so many other factors can stop you achieving your goals. We leave no stone unturned in your pursuit to achieve greatness. Personal training/lifestyle coaching is a process of assessment making sure that every element works together so that what gets delivered to you is as individual as we can possibly make it. Accept nothing less than quality. Your results are only as good as your effort and your instruction.

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Personal Training Price Guidelines

Prices range from £35 – £55 per session. Our trainers are Freelance and prices may vary depending on trainer experience/qualifications, specific goals and requirements and what services are included, so it’s best to pop in a have a chat with us to discuss your needs or take a look at our TEAM TRG page.

We carry out a thorough vetting process before taking on Personal Trainers to ensure only quality, knowledgable PTs and those committed to personal development make it through TRG doors.


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