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Personal Training & Nutrition Plans

It’s not just having a buddy to stand next to you in the gym and shout at you to work harder, it’s so much more.

Firstly, they know more than you do. A good experienced trainer has studied hard and continues their professional development through additional education and has worked with a variety of different clients.  Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a Personal Trainer:


Tailoring your training and nutrition specific to YOUR body will encourage faster progress and more long term results. Reach your goal efficiently! Check out some TRG results here


If you’re a beginner, the unknown can feel scary so expert instruction helps to feel at ease in the environment, with equipment and with new exercises.


Reduce the risk of injury and really make the most out of each exercise. Learn how do exercises and lifts, old or new….properly!


No more excuses. Having someone to monitor your progress, activity and nutrition in and outside the gym keeps you consistent and on track.


Learn & understand correct nutrition and how your body works, to use this knowledge in your future training and food choices, so you never go back to old ways.


What you can expect from quality Personal Trainer services:

  • 1-2-1 GYM SESSIONS (male & female trainers)

How can I enquire about Personal Training?

Either talk to us at reception (PT enquiry forms available), or drop us an email – you can download the  Personal Trainer Enquiry Form and email enquiries@trgfitness.co.uk.

When we have some information about who you are and what you require, we will match you with a suitable Personal Trainer who will contact you to arrange a free consultation. Here you can discuss specific goals and a package can be tailored and priced up for you. If you wish to go ahead, your Personal Trainer will then liaise with you step by step to get started on your journey to achieving your goals!

24 hour access, 365 days a year

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