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Mental Health!

We have a specialist therapy centre run by our Justine Dickinson of JD Mindworks,  offering various therapies such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling, as independent treatment programs, or to compliment weight loss alongside training programs, for sound mental health. The centre covers many issues such as weight control, stopping smoking, anxiety and depression and panic attacks, relationship issues and more – anything that affects your mental well being and it’s all strictly confidential.

There is close link between mental and physical health – they affect one another in both a positive and a negative way. If your mind is not in a healthy state, inevitably your physical health will also suffer, and vice versa, so they should be treated with equal importance. Although unfortunately there are still some misconceptions about receiving help for mental health issues, we aim to break these and educate on how important looking after your mind is to your every day life. You would seek help if you felt physically unwell, so why wouldn’t you seek help when your mind is unwell. It is your control centre!

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This is a very important part and mindset of TRG,  so we want to make the help as available as possible!

“As an integrative counsellor and hypnotherapist I use hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, person centred counselling and psycho dynamic counselling and can tailor a unique treatment plan using the most up to date and effective methods to help clients to feel better. I work with relationship issues, anxiety, grief and loss, panic disorder, depression, stress, giving up smoking, weight loss, phobias, including flying, spiders, agoraphobia and performance anxiety. Anything not on this list? Just contact me and I will let you know if I am qualified to treat you.” Justine Dickinson

Phone: 07828 334 517

Email: justine@jd-mindworks.co.uk

Website: jd-mindworks.co.uk


24 hour access, 365 days a year

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